5 months on Testosterone


cybersyncing said: ok but hear me out: The Hobbit where everything is the same except Bilbo has the personality of Martin Freeman


Sammy’s life is hard

this made my whole world.



i get to see my mom and dad on either monday or tuesday


I finally get to see my baby boy /pat face

Make sure we pack a step stool in the trunk. I will not be shorter than my son in family portraits

I accidentally made an anime character in my enthusiasm for BPRD RPG




One thing that drives me nuts about the lack of GSM representation is how there’s so much representation needed on SO MANY FRONTS that sometimes they almost clash.

We need more female characters who are just really close, emotionally intimate…

I like The Birdcage a lot. And this is why.

I grew up watching this movie a lot with my family. Family is a very fluid term I guess because, y’know, my father likes to take in wayward queers and gays who are still hiding in the closet like stray animals. He doesn’t know how to be anything but a parent (see: Omnidad). 

When Robin Williams passed, everyone was hurt and it /is/ a huge loss. But, most of all, this was the first movie that sprang to mind when I heard the news. Not because it was his funniest or greatest role but he reminded me so much of my dad. Armand and Albert were my parents. I won’t go into where my mom was during all of this. It really doesn’t matter.

But Armand was my father—he loves me intensely and wants nothing more than for me to be happy wherever I am but he’s also more concerned about others not accepting me. He’s proud of me coming out and taking the steps to be who I was meant to be, but he is viciously skeptical of others and their perceptions. No one can force someone to change their perspectives, of course, so he tried to make me tough to a degree. Whenever he couldn’t spare me the exposure (keep in mind, I was a kid and hadn’t even discovered there was such a thing as Transgender).

Albert was my step-father. He fusses and worries all the time—constantly reminding me not to grow up too fast or outgrow their love. That movie hits me so hard because everyone gets a perspective from it and that’s beautiful. Let it be a representation of breaking gender norms and censoring what actually exists in the world. Let it be coloring outside the lines and encouraging people that queer has been around forever and fuck you good sir if you don’t think two men can’t raise a family successfully and be /happy/. Maybe Albert is trans, maybe he just doesn’t care to be crammed in one gender box or the other.

To me, he was my over-dramatic, loving step-dad who made a Fierce Drag Queen. And Armand was my dad. They bickered a lot and constantly debated on how to raise me and my little brother but they were all a family and that’s what makes that movie so amazing to me.



Here is my writing peeve of the day:

Stop telling people to stop using “said.” You see this advice all over the place. “Don’t use ‘said’! Use ‘muttered’ or ‘mumbled’ or ‘yelled’ or ‘shouted’ or ‘whispered’ or blah or blah or blah!”

OK, muttered and mumbled and yelled and shouted…

I admire this. Good advice. I want to actively become a better writer so…

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Who wants to clean the bowl?

What not to do


>try to learn German while high as a kite


Not unless “I eat the bread.” starts trending.

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